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Professional Wedding Photographer

Are you looking for a professional photographer? Everybody owns a camera so technically, everybody is a photographer right? Wrong! Nothing can be further from the truth. Anyone can pick up a camera and take good photographs. But people still do hire and in need of a professional photographer.

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We put in a lot of effort into the preparations for our special day. From planning of the wedding, buying gifts and jewelries, tuxedos and wedding gowns to even beautiful bridal shoes and tiaras. These are the moments that we want to cherish forever.

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Best Wedding Photographer

Finding for a professional wedding photographer is relatively easy. One can simply Google “professional wedding photographer” and there will be countless of results to choose from. What makes a very good photographer though? We want the best person for the job, to capture the love and joy that is in the air. Here are few tips for you to consider.

When taking photographs for wedding, one can’t simply just start snapping away like there’s no tomorrow, trying to follow the flow. For weddings, it just doesn’t work like that. Weddings are not like street photography where you can walk around taking pictures.

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Pre-Planning A Wedding Photoshoot

Pre-planning for a wedding videoshoot or photoshoot is necessary because you do not want to miss important shots. Special wedding moments happen only once. A good photographer will also scout the location in advance for good backgrounds and lighting. Classic moments like the bride walking down the aisle with her face glowing with joy is just too precious to miss.

One important factor that couple often overlook is to sit and discuss with the photographer what kind of photos they want. Different couples have different priorities when it comes to special moments or portraits of guests or VVIPs. These are the small moments that add up to make a full beautiful story of your wedding day.

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Don’t be shy about directing your own beautiful wedding ceremony and celebration. The most expressive people will make the best subjects for your wedding videos and albums. You can’t fake those kind of shots. This is one example that you should tell your photographer to take note of. Chances are, your wedding photographer will agree too.

Wedding Photography Skills

People hire photographers for various reasons. Skill level and the finished product is one of them. A big advantage a professional and well-trained photographer have over most people is post-processing skills.

Professional photography equipments are expensive. Not everyone will invest in high-end professional cameras. Not everyone has the proper equipment and photography skills needed to create a beautiful wedding photo montage or the best wedding videography. Rather than risking on a meager wedding shots, couples choose to hire a professional photographer cum videographer.

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Wedding Photography and Videography Packages

The wedding photography and videography packages that are offered are always depending on the services that will be provided. Different services include local or overseas, a booking of 4 hours of work only, a full day or even for unlimited shots!

Wedding Photography and Videography Price

We will illustrate how much a typical wedding photography and videography would cost in Singapore. Bearing in mind again that different companies have different packages offered. The value in their packages is to see what value-added services that they are offering. These can include free albums, a large wedding potrait with frame or even unlimited shots. Just be sure that it’s included in your contract.

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot starts at $500

Actual Day Wedding Photography can cost between $1000 – $3000 or more.

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