Finding Wedding Venue Packages

Planning to walk down the aisle soon? What about the location? Will it be an outdoor or indoor reception? What if it’s raining? How many wedding guests are attending? Naturally there are tens and thousands of issues flashing in your mind. Where do you even begin to plan for the biggest and most important day in your life?

Depending on how far ahead you’re planning for your wedding, you should always be prepared that the venue you want to have your wedding at, could already been booked.

Where you intend to have your wedding, plays a vital role in making your event a memorable one and unique to you. Gone are the days of all, if not majority of weddings are held at the void decks. In this Gen Y, couples are blessed to have better paying jobs and are more willing to spend considerably for their big day.

The choice of venue will depend on the number of guests, type of decor that the couple prefer and also whether there are any other activities that the couple intend to have during the event. A smarter and economical way would be to even do a joint reception for all your guests. The money saved could be used for your dream honeymoon.

In a case whereby the couple decides to have the event in a park setting, they also need to provide somewhat a map to guide the guests to their event venue. As the crowd will also comprise of the young and old, the couple need to keep in mind of the accessibility of the location as the older generation might find it difficult or not as accessible as the traditional void deck weddings.

You can even hold your wedding event in a lavish hotel setting, normally the wedding invitations are for close family members as the place will be limited and more costly compared to other venues. Hotel environment tend to give a more glamorous touch to the event in itself and some guests would also like attending weddings at hotels as it is a very comfortable setting from start to finish.

If your guest list is considerably small, you may also consider having your wedding at restaurants whereby it can create a cosy environment just for close relatives to mingle and catch up with one another. As we are too busy with our daily routines each and every day, the other best times to catch up with relatives are during weddings besides of course; Hari Raya festivities.

If you do a quick search on the web, you will be presented with plentiful of choices for you to consider. Some of which are weddings taking place within the vicinity of tourist attractions as the couple’s parents would also want to know that their guests would feel comfortable and have an enjoyable time at their child’s wedding. Remember in our community, the ‘kampung’ spirit in the older generation is still pretty strong despite the changing times.

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