How To Find The Best Wedding Planner In Singapore

Do you know that there are certification courses that you can enroll to enable you to be a certified event planner? Event management is quite lucrative in recent times as there are always demand for this planning service. From schools, birthdays, corporate and of course planning for wedding events.

Planning for a wedding requires a serious amount of experience in the wedding industry. Let’s just say that whatever that can go wrong, WILL go wrong! Communication skill is important and so is the composure of your party planner.

You don’t want a wedding planner getting emotional on your big day right? Here’s a tip; get someone who is an EXTROVERT. Communication is key.

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A wedding planning company need practical knowledge in the real world to plan for fabulous wedding events. They deal with different vendors for the wedding buffet and desserts, wedding decorations, wedding photography, wedding transportations and other wedding logistics like wedding reception ideas and wedding cost. We will go more into detail later on.


Wedding Checklist

All successful wedding event planners have their own wedding checklist. Executing flawless wedding events week after week takes dedication and passion in the wedding industry. They deal with the groom, bride and their whole happy family so to speak, every single day. Their phones must be ringing off the hook!

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If you’re not engaging the best wedding planner, you can however download your very own malay wedding checklist via the internet. They are numerous versions of checklist. Just choose whichever suits you and your future spouse.


Testimonials For Event Planner

A sure fire way to know about an excellent wedding planner is when the word of mouth gets around. People just can’t stop talking about how good they are in what they do. Keep a lookout and pay attention when you hear a new organizer enters the wedding industry.

From social media like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, their event company simply keeps popping up. This is especially so when they have been around for more than a couple of years. From trivial problems to major disasters, they are more to ‘been there done that’.


Event Management Cost

Inevitably, the topic about money and how much does a wedding cost in Singapore will never elude us. 9 out of 10 people that you ask will tell you that they always spend above their budget. If not much, then by a tiny bit.

During a wedding ceremony or event, remember that we said that things WILL go wrong? Unexpectedly, you will suddenly need more flowers, more buffet serving at the reception counters or at an even worst case scenario, a torn wedding dress!

An experienced wedding planner will always have the answer to ALL your problems, at their fingertips.



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