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A wedding day is probably the most significant day in a person’s life, not only in Singapore but anywhere in the world. Everybody wants his/her wedding to be awesome and those moments to be saved for a lifetime.

The best way to immortalize your irreplaceable moments during your wedding is through photography and videography. You then need to source and find the best wedding photographer in Singapore don’t you? Be sure to check out and compare wedding photography packages so that you know you’ll be getting the best deal.

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You can ask favours from your friends or relatives to become ad-hoc photographers, but don’t you want them to enjoy your wedding too? Hiring a professional or the best wedding videographer to do the job also means that you will have a piece of mind that you can capture your special day and treasured moments in High-Definition!

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Wedding represents devotion, sincerity, responsibility and love towards your partner. It’s the beginning of a new chapter. It’s not only a formation of a couple but a connection between two families, even two traditions. It’s an occasion equally important for both families, as it is to be remembered forever. Therefore it makes absolutely perfect sense that you would want your wedding to be flawless.
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Wedding Photography and Videography Skills

Therefore, to not burden your friends and family as well as to ensure quality photos and videos, a capable wedding photography and videography crew is essential. Wedding photography and videography are skills obtained from years of practice and experience. Most of the biggest wedding photography and wedding videography disappointments are a result of an inexperienced crew and what’s worse is that those lost memories cannot be retaken again.

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Photography is thought to be the most important part of wedding preparations. A picture does not just show different person or things, it represents a whole story, a dream and an important event that will be cherished forever. With such an importance of capturing those moments through camera lens, it’s highly imperative that you find the best suited wedding photographer for your special day.
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Capture Wedding Special Moments

With all the preparations going around, one of the most important things that you should not take lightly is to capture those special moments. It is the only tangible thing with which you can totally relive your special moments each step of the way all over again. Therefore, planning for your wedding photoshoot is of great importance and should be done with consensus of a professional photographer. With proper planning, your storyline can be kept in a photo album telling your wedding story.

bride preparing hair for wedding
By hiring a skilled and experienced wedding photographer, you would have something less to worry about. You should sit down with your photographer first and plan the phases of special shots that you want and their interval timings.

Some of these moments are precious but yet the bride and groom are not always beside each other. This way, you can capture and share your unforgettable wedding moments.

Moments like the kisses, the cutting of the wedding cake, the walk down the aisle by the married couple, or even pre-wedding preparations in the backroom. Now that is my favourite wedding shots!

Letting the photographer know that you want some of these pictures taken, of these special moments will increase the chances of successful photo shots for your wedding album.

family kissing malay bride
You should also discuss about your family members or close relatives or friends with your photographer, whom you want photographs of, so that he recognizes them at the time of wedding. The photographers always know the exact time to take the shots which would give them the best results.

More wedding galleries will be updated very soon!

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