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Need Wedding Decoration Ideas For 2020?

Many overlook the importance of a wedding decor adding and improving the mood to the overall ambience of the wedding event. In fact wedding decor, however trivial and common it may seemed, defines the mood and style of the wedding.

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Guests will either consciously or sub-consciously judge a wedding event by its decor and ambience. We often overlook that we at times, are also guilty of commenting in social media and sharing our experiences.


decor with centrepiece


Of course adding in the mix together are our tons of wedding photos from our mobile phones. Perfect Malay Wedding have included wedding decoration ideas sourced from the web. All wedding photo credits go to the respective owners, do like their page and visit them.


wedding plates


Pay close attention to the mix of colors so you will have a rough idea as to how your decor would look like. As such, a good wedding décor setting is as important as any other aspect of the wedding. We will add beautiful wedding decor ideas for your wedding event.

Colors play an important role too because having a theme is better than ending up with a ‘rainbow’ wedding theme. You can even plan to have a matching wedding costume.


Wedding Themes

Wedding events take place all year round. The season is never truly over. The traditional malay wedding is what typically comes to mind whenever we’re invited to one. We have seen numerous weddings that were simply gorgeous and glamorous.

The wedding events were truly beautiful making one think that they were invited to a wedding hosted by a celebrity. While each wedding ends up being quite different and unique, here are some suggestions if you’re looking for a malay wedding theme.

wedding decor at a wedding hall

It’s time to decide on one of the most critical components of your special day, the theme. Finding the right theme for your wedding can be as difficult as selecting the perfect dress, but we’re going to help you have a little fun along the way. Budget also plays a crucial role in selecting your wedding decoration package.

wedding decoration at reception hall

From rustic or extravagant to traditional or chic, our elegant wedding designs paired with the luxurious services set a new standard in the wedding industry. A nice touch is when guests can feel the romance and elegance that’s in the air.

Whether you decide on one of our pre-designed themes, or you have your own wedding vision, tell us your wedding ideas and we’ll ensure that every detail of your wedding exceeds your expectations. Pictures credit goes to IndahWedding. Do follow them at IG.

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Wedding Backdrops

Wedding backdrop, bridal bed or pelamin is something that everyone pays attention to before and during the wedding. It needs to be unique and beautiful. It is after all a centrepiece in a malay wedding. Amazing wedding backdrops also doubles as a beautiful wedding décor.

Backdrops are used not just for the bridal bed (pelamin). We can also use backdrops behind the cake table, for the reception, the ceremony or even for a photobooth. One thing we  love about backdrops is that they are easily customizable to suit your taste and wedding theme. We will have lots of ideas for your viewing pleasure.

beautiful pelamin in singapore wedding

Were you envious when you see past weddings with gorgeous floral wall and dazzling lights? Fancy florals gives backdrops glamorous look with big blooms of fresh flowers if you’ve got cash to splash. Pretty flowers can also be used to decorate the arch along the aisle, stringing them from the ceiling for an elegant look.

If you’re lucky, sometimes relatives and friends do come up with last minute ideas and lend a hand at decorating the wedding venue. In this way, your wedding reception décor will truly be unique and one of a kind.

Wedding Reception Decorations

In Singapore, there are so many decoration ideas that we have seen and have put together. But choosing the best one for you is of course the priority when planning for your wedding. With seating arrangements being a prominent part of your ceremony and reception space, you should take careful consideration in how you display your chairs.

Simple decorations and seating arrangements can turn basic set up into the perfect seating for your dream wedding. For some inspiration, we will put decoration ideas that will transform your venue into the perfect wedding for you.

bridal bed or dais in a singapore malay wedding service

Flowers are also another simple solution to jazz up your wedding reception decoration ideas. They can add a pop of beautiful colors to your malay wedding theme. Flowers are just wonderful for any wedding reception decorations, be it a chinese, indian or malay wedding. In fact, bright beautiful and soft flowers give an ambience of romance in a wedding. Flower vases on every table is a must if you want your wedding reception to look awesome and gorgeous.

Wedding Decoration Packages

For professional wedding décor services, not all wedding packages are really that straight forward. Be sure to check and read the fine prints of your contracts. Services include event decor rental, decor setup, decor individual breakdown and some even charge for consultation! Quite often, some add-ons like fresh flowers and extra lightings are simply too irresistible to pass.

malay wedding dais at a country club

Professional decorators can help with set up for only a few guests or for large events with thousands of guests. Frequently requested furniture, supplies and decorations include;

  • Tables and chairs
  • Table cloths and linens
  • Tablewares and utensils
  • Table Centrepieces
  • Room or ceiling draping
  • Lightings
  • Umbrellas
  • Fans or coolers
  • Fog and/or foam machines and more

Many factors affect the cost of wedding decoration packages. Be sure to remain focus on what you want and what is necessary and try to limit spending below your budget. Below budget? Yes, this is because you will then have some room should you need to spend on other things.


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