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There are many different styles of Malay bridal wear to choose from, but which one is suited for you? Usually, couples would spice up their outfits with a mix of Western and Asian cultures. An experienced Mak Andam can also give you advice on current local trends.

All brides are looking for a unique, artistic wedding gowns, dresses, and accessories with a modern and traditional feel. Texture, draping, movement, and fluidity are hallmarks of a designer’s style, which is geared towards the either modern or traditional wedding.

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There are some key considerations when choosing your bridal wear and wedding dress. Here in Singapore, the weather is at times hot and humid and doesn’t always cooperate with us. The best wedding dresses and gowns can look the same but their fabric and materials are also important in keeping you cool.

beautiful elegant dress

We will update our wedding gallery with dream wedding dresses for your bridal inspirations. When it comes to planning a wedding, few choices are more personal and meaningful than the design of the bride’s dress.

A bride may have her wedding gown in mind well before she plans the rest of the wedding day, sometimes even before she’s met her future groom! Some would even go to the extent of matching up their dress with the wedding decor theme. That’s a good call though. We wouldn’t want to end up with mismatch colors between the bride’s dress and the reception hall.

beautiful wedding dress

One of the most important features in any dress, though, is its neckline. The neckline acts as a frame for the face, and the right one can make the bride look especially radiant on her special day.


Styles of Wedding Dresses

Discovering the neckline that makes the bride look her best starts with understanding the available options. Wedding dresses feature designs not typically seen in more casual clothing, so it’s important to know the terminology of wedding dress design.

mermaid white wedding dress

It’s worth trying on a few gowns with necklines that are outside the bride’s usual fashion choices. This however does not apply to brides who wears a hijab or a veil on a daily basis.

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wedding gowns with different designs

You need to find a wedding gown that best fit for your frame. Your dream bridal gown may or may not look good on you, depending on your body shape. If your hips and shoulders are similar in size and you have a well-defined waist, you can show off those curves with a mermaid, sheath or ball gown.

flair wedding dress

If you are a pear-shaped or curvy with fuller hips and thighs, you can create flattering curves with an empire, A-Line or ball gowns. If your shoulders are broader than your waist and hips, balance it with a ball gown, short gown or trumpet/mermaid.

An advantage of wearing a short gown is that you can move freely when you’ve already decided that you’ll be dancing on your wedding day. If your shoulders, waist and hips are pretty much in line, an empire, A-line or sheath would add curves to your straight-up-and-down figure.

wedding dress a-line style

After you figured out what kind of dresses best fit for your body shape, then it would be much easier for you to find your perfect wedding dress . All in all, celebrate your figure and don’t worry! No matter what your body shape is, your man will be far too happy to be marrying you to even notice your insecurities when the big day comes around.

wedding dress with embroidery


Elegant Wedding Dresses

There is something so lovely about a simple elegant dress that lets a bride’s natural beauty shine through. It is unpretentious, not overdone and timeless. These dresses are feminine, easy, and light, yet not frilly.

long sleev wedding dress

These wedding dresses are also all about the women who wears them, and not the other way around. You are already beautiful, natural and confident so elegant wedding dresses will enhance, rather than overpower your natural features.

white muslimah wedding dress

All too often there were trends that we’ve seen before, that were loved and worn by women decades ago. A perfect example of such trend is the simplicity of elegant wedding dresses.


Muslim Wedding Dresses

Muslims generally observe modest wedding dresses for marriage, but the variety of styles and colors have changed the tradition. Women have no shortage of decisions to make, including what to wear for their wedding day and remained covered up.

bride in pink wedding gown

And designers are flocking in this growing market of hijab styled wedding gowns and dresses. For those looking for wedding dress inspirations with hijab, we’ve compiled a collection for you to browse.

Malay Wedding Dresses

Malay traditional outfits are known for being conservative. Over the years, there’s an increase in varieties in traditional outfits being ‘fusioned’ with modern designs. What we see nowadays can be both classic and chic at the same time.

hijab and long sleeve wedding gown

Whichever type or wedding design that you choose, just remember that this is your special day. Here’s your chance to dress up and impress invited wedding guests. Oh, and the hubby too!

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